• Image of Too much funk

Whilst in the studio recently trying to come up with ideas for the inaugural Cheltenham paint festival amongst other potential jobs that we have on I had the music blaring. I thought it was on random/shuffle but to my dismay I must have turned it off and my player started in on the psychedelic love funk category - which can only be listened to in short bursts or there is a high risk of becoming a certified risk to yourself and anyone around you.

Luckily this time I was alone but that just meant I tumbled into the hole of psychedelic funk without anyone to help pull me out. I'm not sure how long I was down there but I only came to after the other half of id-iom walked in and after seeing me quickly turned off the music. I was in a bad way for quite a while but the NHS helpline advised me to paint a self portrait to try and counteract the effects. Anyway, this is the result of a heavy session on the psychedelic love funk. Be warned.



Size: A4